5 Places for a Gothic Nightout in the US - Part I

by Anna Stirling on April 01, 2019

5 Top Places for a Gothic Night out in US – Part I

This is Part I of a three part series (click here for Part II and here for Part III) listing the top places to go for a Gothic Night out in United States, featuring Bar Sinister (Los Angeles, CA), The Church (Dallas, TX), Las Rosas (Miami, FL), Numbers (Huston, TX) and Ceremony (Boston, MA). It includes night clubs, dance clubs, pubs and dive bars, and other venues which regularly host gothic themed parties and events. Going to attend a themed night and need some new merchandise, feel free to check out our new arrivals and our bestsellers. Not sure where to get started and just need some inspiration – Check out our latest blog articles to get you inspired.

Bar Sinister – Los Angeles (California)

©Bar Sinister – Los Angeles 

Wonderful atmosphere, awesome music and lively crowd – Bar Sinister is the type of club you only see in the movies. Live bands, full-on dancing experience and friendly people – you get them all at Bar Sinister. Whether you like Goth, Industrial, Heavy Metal or Deathrock – Bar Sinister has tunes to get you tapping the dancefloor. After all they have been named as “Best Club for Sinful Pleasures” and “Best Nightlife” by LA Weekly for a reason.

The Church – Dallas (Texas)

©The Church – Dallas

If you are looking for an evening filled with a beautiful atmosphere and non-judgemental, open minded people – this is your place to go. The Church has built a strong reputation in the past couple of decades as a nightclub of choice for the alternative community. Regarded as one of the most authentic Goth spots in the country, the Church’s décor is dusty and spooky and the crowd is fashion forward.

Las Rosas – Miami (Florida)

©Las Rosas – Miami

If you are searching for a place with some cozy live music in a dive bar – search no further. The décor at Las Rosas will make you feel right at home, from the neon rose to the chandelier hanging over the bar. Featuring Live music, and open welcoming environment – you could be whoever you choose to be without being judged at Las Rosas. Looking to get together, drink some wine, share some thoughts and be happy – Las Rosas is the place to go.

Numbers – Houston (Texas)

©Numbers – Houston

Definitely a Houston classic – Numbers is about the people, the energy, the great themed events, the dedication to music, the underground concerts, the fantastic art vendors, the kinky Tuesdays, the 80’s Fridays (…the list goes on). The venue has been host to live music from artists such as Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, and Beastie Boys. In a nutshell, there are not many nightclubs in America like this Texas Classic. If you like fake music, $15 fancy drinks and a dead scene – don’t waste your time here.

Ceremony – Boston (Massachusetts)

©Ceremony – Boston

Have you, sadly, ever been to a nightclub where you always felt that you do not belong? At Ceremony, you will feel an attachment the moment you step inside. The vibes, the music and the people make this Boston’s gem one of the best Goth/Industrial Scene nightclubs in Massachusetts. While they have a basic dress code rule in place to those genuinely interested, the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Images are the copyrights of the respective establishments.


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