5 Reasons why the Kiss Me Dress is so popular

by Anna Stirling on April 28, 2019

Kiss Me dress is a unique Gothic Mid Length Dress which is super popular among a wide range of demographics, and it’s not a surprise that it is one of Black Rabbit’s Bestsellers. This elegant Gothic Dress, which can be worn with your favourite Gothic choker or Gothic platform boots, features a pentagram over the bust area, and super comfortable fabric, finds its place in over 5000 beautiful women’s wardrobe. If you look at the facts below, it will become immediately evident why this dress is so popular:

  • Fact-1: More than 5,000 happy customers have purchased the Kiss ME Dress from Black Rabbit Store.
  • Fact-2: More than 100 people have rated this dress and given it 5 Star Reviews
  • Fact-3: At the time of posting this article, this dress has been liked by over 11,000 people, commented by over 2,200 people and has been shared over 2500 times on Facebook!

Here we are going to share 5 reasons why out customers love this dress. This list has been compiled from the feedback we have received from the customers themselves.

Low Affordable Price

The price of the dress is incredibly low. Nowadays, its hard to find a normal dress for under $30, and when it comes to stylish Gothic dresses, it’s almost impossible. Yet, the Kiss Me Dress is priced at around the $25 mark, making it affordable for a lot of people. A similar dress at another online alternative fashion outlet is easily in the $50-$60 price range. And from time to time, we offer discounts ranging from 5% to 20%, enabling our customers to save even more. At Black Rabbit, we want to enable women to be whatever they want, without breaking their bank, unlike other retailers.

Stretchable Breathable Fabric

The fabric is soft to touch and quite stretchable. It also has a shine to it making it a preferred dress when going out to rave festivals, rock concerts, Gothic themed nights, or just a casual going out event. Be prepared to receive a lot of compliments, as the chances are that anyone who sees you in the dress will ask you about it. It’s just so irresistible!

Stunning Design

A lot of our customers have indicated that love the design details of this dress. At the centre of the dress is a Gothic Pentagram which gives this dress a contemporary Gothic look. The pentagram straps go over the shoulder, and the pentagram sits nicely over your bust area. Other features include soft pleating for a flowy skirt-type look, scoop back, and fitted waist. The length of this dress is perfect too, as it sits nicely at just over the knees.

Perfect for any occasion

This is a truly versatile dress which does not need a special occasion to be worn. This dress can be worn for night-outs, at casual get togethers, or even at a summer BBQ party. For serious Gothic lovers, this dress can be worn for professional photo shoots to grow your Instagram following. After all, we ladies don’t need a reason to celebrate. In fact, impromptu celebrations are some of the best and the most memorable ones. Make this dress a part of your celebrations, just like many others!

Goes with a wide range of accessories

This dress allows you to be whoever you wish to be! Accessorising isn’t necessary, as this dress is so stylish in itself, but it definitely adds a charm to your overall look. Some of the best accessories which our customers have recommended are a Gothic Choker for elegance, a waist belt to give you an even fitter look, a pair of sassy platform boots, some dark makeup and fishnet stockings!


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