Black Rabbit’s Pick for 5 Gothic Boots under $40

by Anna Stirling on April 12, 2019

If you have truly embraced the Gothic Culture, or even if you are new to it and just trying out various element of Gothic Fashion and Gothic Clothing, its easier to relate to the love for boots which almost all major Gothic Celebrities have. No Gothic attire is complete without a pair of thick-heeled, ankle-length shiny-riveted boots.

Boots are an integral part of any outfit. When it comes to Gothic Outfits, boots play a special role too. They are used for making an impact statement and for defining your Gothic Style. Robin Wright, recipient of seven Primetime Emmy Award nominations a Golden Globe Award, once said: I've always been a T-shirt, Levi's, leather jacket, and combat boots kind of girl.

Gothic boots are perhaps the most expensive part of any gothic outfit, to the extent that some boots can be costlier that all other elements of your Gothic Attire combined. There are several online stores where you can buy Gothic Boots, but its hard to find a pair which is not only impactful but also inexpensive at the same time. It’s almost impossible to find a good pair of boots for under $75.

Here, we are going to list five boots which you can buy without breaking your bank. These gothic boots are made of high-quality premium vegan leather, are comfortable to wear without any break-in time and look extremely Gothic. All for under $40! 


1. Camille Thick Heel Ankle Booties

These military inspired ankle booties are perfect for any Gothic short dress or leggings. Available in four colors (black, red, green and brown), these ankle high boots are a perfect match for your street wear type clothing or your regular jeans. Featuring a rubber insole, and cotton lining, not only are these boots fashionable but also super comfortable. These boots are available up to size 10.5, so all those big footed beauties – what are you waiting for?

2. Motorcycle Rivet Boots

Motorcycle boots are an all time favourite and it’s hard to recall when they were last out of fashion. These simple, yet majestic black boots are designed to perfection and made of Vegan Leather. Featuring a round toe, flat base and riveted decoration, these lace-up motorcycle boots look best when worn with you favourite pair of tees and jeans. The boots are very comfortable to wear and lasts for a long time when properly maintained. To help your black boots live longer, we recommend polishing them everyday. Check out our Basic Shoe Shine Care Kit or our Premium Shoe Shine Care Kit, and increase the life of your boots by at least 10 years!

3. Pure Punk Combat Boots

These boots are our favourite and are one of out bestsellers. The customers who have purchased these in the past indicated that they like the feel of the boots – these are made of soft vegan leather and well supported at the base. Old school Punk Combat boots are a must have for any serious alternative fashion lover. Sturdy in construction, and super soft to wear, these shoes are perfect for those kick-stunts which you have always wanted to perform.

4. Fiona’s Chunky Ankle Boots

Another all-time Black Rabbit’s Bestsellers, these chunky platform boots feature a high heel, sturdy construction, and superior workmanship. These are a perfect pair of boots if you want something which can be worn out with a dress, to your office, or at a party. Cute looking, and fashion forward, no wonder these boots have found a home in more than 5,000 different closets.

5. Sparrow Autumn Boots

Priced just right, these boots are a classic pencil heel, laced-up, motorcycle boots, which feature rivets and studded metal for an added impact look. Make a statement with these boots at your next concert. These boots also feature two straps with buckle and a high profile. Made entirely from Vegan Leather, these are an awesome compliment to any gothic or alternative fashion attire.


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